Dear Chloe...

As Mother’s Day approaches I felt compelled to create a list of promises to the love of my life: Chloe Mireya. This list will serve as meaningful affirmations and help me to remain mindful of my commitment to motherhood. Each day is a learning experience and I want to establish these personal “ground rules” as she transitions through each stage of her life.

 Chloe I promise:

  1. To be there for you and comfort you as you grow and experiences new things in life

  2. To love you unconditionally

  3. To teach you about your natural beauty and how to navigate self-love

  4. To encourage you to follow your dreams and be whatever you want to be in life

  5. To remind you that there are many perspectives to any situation; you may not always be right

  6. To remind you that you’re a black woman and our experiences are just different...

  7. To constantly remind you of God’s love (one should always keep Him close)

  8. To cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh. Either way we will both feel better

As years go on I will update this list and be there with you along the way. Motherhood has been a journey thus far but I’m glad we have each other!

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